Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cooperative Education at Hostos?

Cooperative Education also known as Co-op, is a structured academic program designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply classroom studies to paid* work experience related to major or career goals.

*Some positions may be unpaid.

2. What programs participate in Co-op?

Participating students include: Education, Office Technology, Public Administration, Accounting, Business Management, Community Health, Digital Design, Game Design, Public Interest Paralegal Studies, and Liberal Arts programs.

3. What are the benefits to employers?
  • Cost-effective and efficient means of evaluating prospective future employees' potential.
  • Company exposure and recognition.
4. My company hires interns. Can I recruit for these positions through your program?

Yes. If you recruit through our program, we ask that you support the academic goals or environment by supervising and evaluating student.

5. When are students available for co-op assignments?

Co-op assignments are coordinated with Hostos academic semesters. Work terms usually begin in February or September.

6. How long is co-op placement?

Co-op students are usually available to work one semester. The student and employer may agree to extend placement beyond these dates.

7. Are all students paid for co-op assignments?

Most students are paid during cooperative education placement. The employer establishes rate of pay or stipend in consultation with the Career Services Office. Employers are encouraged to pay a fair and equitable wage for the work performed. If you would like more information on establishing a pay scale, please feel free to contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator.

8. What is the employer's commitment to hire a co-op student?

Employers will interview and make the final hiring decision on students, but are not obligated to employ if they feel no candidate is suitable for their needs. We will strive to provide you with a solid pool of candidates for your posted positions. However, if you are unable to identify an appropriate candidate for your position, contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator for additional resumes.

9. Is the recruitment process time consuming?

The recruitment process requires only a small time commitment. To get started please contact Yolanda Soto, Cooperative Education Coordinator at (718) 518-4403.

10. When is the deadline to advertise a position?

Employers are encouraged to post co-op descriptions one semester in advance. 

11. What kind of tasks will students perform?

Employers are encouraged to provide relevant learning experience and integrate work assignments that blend academic requirements with company goals.

12. Can I hire more than one co-op student per term?

Yes, there is no limit on how many co-op students you may hire. We have many qualified co-op students in participating majors.

13. Can I contact students directly to inform them of an interview?

We ask that you contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator to arrange interviews.

14. What do I do once I have hired a student?

Contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator to inform her of your hiring decision.

15. Who should I contact if problems with student placement arise?

Employers are urged to contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator at (718) 518-4388 if any problems with student placement or performance arise.

16. I’m not ready for co-op, but I have part-time/full-time job positionsavailable.
Is there any way I can post these positions for students to view?

Yes, you can post this position on the Career Services Website or e-mail / fax a job description to Career Services. E-Mail: / Fax: (718) 518-4252.