Career Services & Financial Aid (FWS)

Information for FWS Supervisors and Students

The Career Services Office is piloting an initiative to facilitate student matching with campus supervisors.

For Federal Work Study eligibility inquiries, please contact the Financial Aid Office

Are you eligible for Federal Work Study?
Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to obtain the necessary documents.  
You may find additional FWS information here



View the FWS Supervisor presentation here.
Register or contact Career Services for assistance in creating an employer/supervisor account in the HIRECAIMANS, Symplicity link.

The first step would be to include an updated job description in Symplicity to be viewable by students enrolled in the spring semester and eligible for FWS. The description will be reviewed and approved by the Federal Work Study Coordinator.
The steps for creating a job description are included in the slide deck.
Prior to students accepting an offer, please ensure you have communicated with Financial Aid to obtain the necessary documents and determine student eligibility. If you have students who you would like to keep working with you, Financial Aid staff can assist in determining whether or not they are eligible for Federal Work Study and address other concerns regarding Federal Work Study. You may find additional FWS information here