Senate Executive Committee


Ernest Ialongo, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Vice Chair
Tram Nguyen, English

Thomas Beachdel, Humanities
Hector Soto, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Catherine Lewis, Humanities
Carlos Rivera, Admissions HEO
Natasha Yannacañedo, Humanities
Brian Carter, SGA
Isabel Neira, SGA 



September 9, 2020  Agenda  |  Minutes
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Yearly Committee Report


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April 15, 2020  with President  Minutes
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May 6, 2020  Presidential Town Hall Prep  Minutes
May 11, 2020  Presidential Town Hall Prep  Minutes
May 13, 2020  Agenda  |  Minutes
May 13, 2020 with President  Minutes
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Yearly Committee Report 2019-2020
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September 12, 2018  Agenda |  Minutes
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Yearly Committee Report 2018-2019


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Yearly Committee Report 2017-2018

Committee Mandate



A. Membership:

1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of nine voting Senators: six (6) faculty, two (2) students, and one (1) member of the non-teaching instructional staff (HEOs or CLTs).

2. The Chairperson of the Senate will be the Chair of the Executive Committee and one of its nine members.

3. The Committee will elect a Vice Chairperson, a Recording Secretary, and a Corresponding Secretary from among its members. The term of the Recording Secretary shall be one year.

4. Non-student members shall serve for three (3) years. Student members shall serve for one (1) year.

B. Functions of the Executive Committee:

1. To serve as liaison between the President of the College and the Senate.

2. To transact such business as may be necessary between meetings of the Senate.

3. To exercise any further powers and duties that may be conferred upon it by the Senate.

4. To develop any procedures needed to implement any charge given to it and to review existing procedures when needed.

5. To create ad hoc committees after consultation with the Senate.

6. To meet at least once a month during the academic year and expedite Senate business.

7. To schedule regular and special Senate meetings, to determine what is appropriate Senate business, and to prepare agendas for such meetings.

C. Functions of the Officers:

1. Duties of the Chairperson shall include but not be limited to the following:

(a) To conduct elections for the membership of the Executive Committee and Committee on Committees.

(b) To preside at all meetings of the Senate and the Executive Committee. (c) To initiate election procedures to fill all vacancies of the Senate.

(d) To make pro-temp appointments in the event of any Officer's absence. (e) To represent the Senate at all academic and official functions.

(f) After consultation with the Executive Committee, to appoint Senators to represent the Senate in non-Senate Committees.


The Vice Chair shall serve as Acting Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson.

Duties of the Recording Secretary shall include:

(a) The taking of minutes of Senate and Executive Committee meetings and submitting them to the Chairperson and the Committee on Committees.

(b) Taking attendance at Executive Committee and Senate meetings.

(c) Maintaining records of all Senate Executive Committee proceedings. (d) Sending copies of all Senate Proceedings to the College Library.

Duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall include the distribution of minutes and agendas to appropriate committees or individuals.

The Executive Committee of the Senate shall create ad hoc committees as the need arises, and shall delineate their functions and membership."