Hostos Community College Association is a separately incorporated not for profit entity related to Hostos Community College.

The City University of New York's Manual of General Policy describes College Associations ("Associations") as follows: "These are separately incorporated tax-exempt entities that support the colleges by administering student activity fee-supported budgets and otherwise supporting the student body. Association funds consist of student activity fees held by the Associations, revenues generated from student activity fee-supported activities (e.g., ticket revenues from concerts, advertising revenue from student publications, fundraising by student clubs, etc. ), and such other revenues that an Association may from time-to-time generate or receive. The Associations adopt budgets and use these funds pursuant to the CUNY Fiscal Handbook for the Control and Accountability of Student Activity Fees and other University policies and procedures. Student activity fee funds (including revenues generated from student activity fee-supported activities) must be expended in accordance with the categories set forth in Section 16.2 of the CUNY Bylaws. Student activity fees may not be used to provide discretionary support for the college or the college president except as permitted by Section 16.9 of the CUNY Bylaws regarding a college purposes fund." (Policy 3.04 - Non-Tax Levy Funds)



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