Advanced Technology Training & Information Networking (ATTAIN) Lab

Hector B. Basora SUNY ATTAIN


In 2001, The State University of New York University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD), through funding support from the New York State Legislature, created the Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking (ATTAIN) project to promote digital parity in New York’s economically challenged communities. Through this initiative, technology labs are placed in communities where residents can have access to the Internet, state-of-the-art hardware and interactive, multimedia software. The resident users are able to enhance their employability and academic skills in an ATTAIN lab, as well as gain invaluable insight into how technology profoundly affects the lives of the entire family. The ATTAIN project seeks to narrow the existent digital divide by providing ongoing access to education and training through the use of technology. Once access occurs, computer literacy and training can begin, and opportunities for success in school and at the workplace increase. The natural outcomes are enhanced employability skills leading to greater earning potential and academic skills leading to post-secondary enrollment.

Lab Description: Hector B. Basora SUNY ATTAIN is a community-based program offering an assortment of academic, occupational, and employability courses. These courses are geared to introduce; as well as, supplement students with educational and vocational skills through advanced technology training for a high-demanding technological world.

Hours of Operation: 9am - 7pm

Subway: 1/A Train to 207th street
Bus: BX7, BX11, BX12, BX20, M100 buses to 207th Street

108 Cooper Street, Room#201
New York, NY  10034
Tel. 212.567.7132