Workshops & Trainings

Life After The Pandemic
 A Monthly Mental Healh Series: How Are You? A Follow Up Conversations with Dr. Judith Gil
Executive Management Certificate
Peer Learning Network for Executive Directors
Mental Health & Wellness Series: A seven part series of workshops that explored all facets of mental health and its effects on different populations.
1. Stress & The Mental Health Connection
2. Yoga/Meditation
3. Shaking the Table: The Future of Non-Profit Leadership: A Racial Equity Course for Allies! 
4. Stress & Young Children
5. Meeting the Needs of Caregivers & Older Adults During Covid
6. Domestic Violence Forum
7. Youth & Mental Health in the Time of Covid

Shaking The Tree Workshop
Designing Power: Structural Considerations and Systematic Racism
Financial Literacy for Nonprofits ( Understanding Financial Reports, Maximizing Government Contracts, Policies & Procedures)
Managing through Uncertainty: Workshop for Nonprofit Leaders
Finding Grants: The Foundation Center 
Three-Part Grantwriting for the Conscious Grant Seeker
Nonprofit Finance Fund: Communities First Fund