What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business (SFB) is a unified platform that consists of many functions such as online meetings, instant messaging and voice calls. Skype for Business is available for the entire Hostos Community. You can use your Hostos ID and password to log in to SFB to begin using it while on or off campus.

Hostos Faculty/Staff already have the Skype for Business application installed on their campus computers. To find it, click on the Windows Start button then type "Skype" then select "Skype for Business."

Is Skype and Skype for Business the same?

While Skype and SFB have similar features, they are not the same. Skype is more suitable for personal use or for small businesses while Skype for Business is best for use within larger organizations. With Skype for Business you are able to search for and contact people using Skype Personal..

Do I need to create a profile or login?

You are already signed up with Skype for Business with your Hostos credentials. When prompted, enter your Hostos email and password to log in to the application.

Where can I get Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is available from the Microsoft website. You can also download it for your mobile devices (smart phones and/or tablet). It is available for free on Google Play, the App Store (iOS) and in the Windows App Store.

Do I need a headset to make and receive video calls?

Skype for Business will automatically work with any built-in speakers, microphones and webcams/cameras on your computer or mobile devices. However you can use a headset or other external hardware to enhance your experience with video calls and conferences/meetings.

Can I change my photo in Skype for Business under my profile?

The photo chosen for your personal profile within Skype for Business is the same photo used in your Hostos ID. This cannot be changed.

Can I make a Skype call from my phone to someone using it on a PC?

Yes, you can still communicate with another Skype for Business user if you're using different devices. As long as your connection to the internet or wi-fi is strong, there shouldn't be any issues with communication.

I want to send a message to someone who appears to be "Offline." Will they still get the message?

Messages sent to contacts who are currently offline will be forwarded to them as emails or appear in their missed conversations tab on Skype for Business.

For assistance with Skype for Business or to troubleshoot issues, please call the IT Service Desk at (718) 518-6646 or visit room B-429.