Wireless Printing: Mac

Installing Hostos printers on a Mac

The following instructions will assist you with installing Hostos printers on a Mac computer. Please note you will need to enter your Hostos username and password just as you would in the student labs and the library and have a balance on your account.
  1. Install Popup:
  2. Open System Preferences and click on Print & Fax
    System Preferences
  3. Click the Plus (+) sign
    Print & Fax
  4. Hold down the Control key, click on the toolbar then click “Customize Toolbar”
    Customize Toolbar
  5. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar then click Done
    Advanced icon
  6. Click Advanced then fill out the page as shown and click Add
    Pharos Print Server
  7. Whenever you want to print to a Hostos printer, select “Hostos Printers” from the printer list and release your print job from one of the Print Release Stations located in C-595 or the Library
    Hostos Printers