Rupert Phillips, B.A., M.A.Email:

Office Tel:  718-518-6883

Biography:  Rupert Phillips is a CUNY graduate: alumni of Hostos Community College (A.A.), and City College (B.A., M.A.). He was a doctoral candidate in social studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Professor Phillips who identifies with global workers, taught Introduction to Social Sciences, Sociology, and Psychology, the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, US History, African American History, African History, European History, Philosophy, Humanities, Health and Ethnicity, and Cultural Studies at various colleges in the New York area. In particular, Professor Phillips’ whose research interest is race and ethnicity has four publications on the subject: two articles in Waves: An English-Speaking World Journal Civilization—Literature-Linguistic Miscellanies, Universite Omar Bongo, Libreville, Africa, and two articles in the International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society. Additionally, he served as a peer reviewer, and book reviewer for the same journal and for the International Journal of Critical Studies in the United States.

Courses Typically Taught:
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 140 Race and Ethnicity