Health Education

The Health Education Unit offers the Associate in Science (A.S) Degree in Community Health. This degree helps students develop the pertinent skills needed to effectively address contemporary health issues affecting urban communities.  Through a social justice perspective students will learn to analyze how social structures, such as poverty and discrimination and environmental exposures lead to health disparities. Through the required courses focusing on nutrition, multicultural competency, substance abuse, and cross-cutting health issues, students will understand the various factors proximal and distal affecting health outcomes.  Fieldwork experience provides students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a real-world setting.  The Community Health Degree Program is designed to prepare students to work in community settings where they can promote healthy lifestyles and enhance quality of life for individuals and communities. Students are able to work in a variety of exciting work settings that include nonprofit community health organizations, public health agencies, worksite and health promotion programs, schools, and voluntary health agencies. This Pathway degree program is a 60 credit major resulting in an Associate in Science (A.S) Degree in Community Health.