Awards for Excellence
Each spring, the English Department honors three graduating students whose academic performance in English classes has been outstanding throughout their course of study. These awards recognize superior performance in the required composition courses plus at least one English elective.
Women’s and Gender Studies 
Awards are given each academic year to students enrolled in classes during the Fall and the Spring semesters who have completed formal writing deemed excellent that focuses directly on issues pertinent to Women’s and Gender Studies. Students may be enrolled in any class for which the assignment elicits an in-depth investigation of a topic intrinsic to Women’s and Gender Studies.
Activism Award
This Award honors a student whose activism has supported women, pro-feminist men, and/or people of diverse sexualities. The recipient of this Award will have thus demonstrated commitment to social change through community service, creative work outside the classroom, leadership, and/or other contributions that promote feminist ideals of fairness and equality.