Latin American & Carib

Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers a program that introduces students to the various facets of Latin American, Caribbean, and Puerto Rican cultures.

This program is designed to promote and further develop an understanding of the  Latin American, Caribbean, and Pu erto Rican realities and to motivate involvement with those communities. For the Latin American, Caribbean, 
and Puerto Rican students, the curricular offerings foster a better understanding and appreciation of their culture and history. The program also introduces non-Hispanic students to the complexities of the Latin American, Caribbean, and Puerto Rican societies and their cultural diversity.
The Latin American and Caribbean Studies curriculum provides an opportunity for intensive interdisciplinary exploration of the Caribbean and Latin American reality. Interested students can pursue a liberal arts concentration with a focus on the literary, sociological, or historical aspects of the region.
A variety of courses dealing with the history, politics, economics, society, literature, performing and visual arts of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico are offered in English and Spanish as determined by student need. To earn credit and achieve progress, the student must successfully complete the course requirements as outlined in the respective syllabi.

Contact Person: Prof. Inmaculada Lara Bonilla, Associate Professor, LAC Unit Coordinator,   ILARABONILLA@HOSTOS.CUNY.EDU

Latin American Writer's Institute (LAWI)

Housed at Hostos Community College since 1992, the Latin American Writer’s Institute (LAWI) is an organization devoted to promoting Latin American, Latina/o, and Ibero- American literature in the United States and across borders.

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