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  • Admissions: Students are flagged with an ESL student group on CUNYFirst by either the University Application Processing Center or the Hostos Admissions & Recruitment office if they meet the criteria for ESL.
  • Testing: All flagged students must take the CUNY ESL Diagnostic for incoming and transferring students before they can enroll in the college.
  • L&C Placement: Students’ papers are read by the L&C Placement Committee and students are placed in an ESL group in CUNY First.  This is a firm placement. Any reassessment of the student is determined by the chair or deputy chair of the L&C department.

ESL Groups in CF:

Group 1 - ESL 15 and 16
Group 2 - ESL 25 and ESL 26 or ESL 27
Group 3 - ESL 35 and ESL 36 or ESL 37
Group 4 and Group 5 - ESL 91 and ESL 92
Group I - ESL Intensive Program

Important: When placed, ESL R is entered in CUNYfirst. This prevents students from incorrectly enrolling in ENG or other sections.

  • Advisement:

Names of students who have taken the ESL-Diagnostic and were placed by the L&C Placement Committee are forwarded by Testing to the Enrollment Management Office and/ or CLIP (CUNY Language Immersion Program depending on their placement.

Students are ready for advisement after they have been vetted by the Office of Enrollment Management and an invitation has gone out to students for an Orientation.

Note: The L&C Placement is a firm placement. ESL students can only be advised after the ESL student group has been entered in CUNY First.


L&C Academic English Language Learning Program

ESL Program Sequence

Level  1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4/5

ESL 15-ESL 16
12h / 4 cr.

Learning Community:
* ESL 15-Acting I. VPA 181

ESL 25-26/27
9h 3 cr.

Learning Community:
* ESL 25 – HUM 100

ESL 35-36/37
9h/ 3 cr.

Learning Community:
* ESL 35- SOC 101

ESL 91 -ESL 92
9h/ 4 cr.

Other selections:

VPA 191 Listening and Speaking

Other selections:

Sociology 101
PSY 101 (SPA)
VPA 191
Math by level
VPA 181

Other selections:

PSY 101
Math by level
VPA 191
LIN 101

Other selections:

by major:

VPA 192
PSY 101; SOC 101; EDU 100; BUS 100; ANT 100; HUM 100 etc.
FYS (obligatory for A.A. degree students.)
Selective WI sections (graduation requirement):
LIN 100, LIN 102, LIN 103, and  LIN 105

* Recommended

L&C Intensive program; Level 3 and 4.

ESL 86 Basic Academic Writing

Hybrid / Online   6h 3cr

ESL 88 Reading and Conversation

6h 2cr
After successfully completing both ESL 86-88 students are eligible to enroll in ENG 110.

Who is eligible for the Intensive Program?

Incoming Freshmen Continuing Students

Strong students who place in level 3 can be recommended to the Intensive Program. Students are notified and meet with the L&C chair for a brief interview and info session.

High achieving students who complete ESL 25 and 26/27 can be recommended to the Intensive Program. Students must have at least a B in both sections to enter the program.

Note: Students must be placed in CF student group I (Intensive) to register.