Office Number: A507H

Office Tel:718-518-4137

Courses Teaching:
General Chemistry I (CHE210)

Areas of Expertise:
Neuroscience/Science Teaching and Learning

Publications (most recent years only):

  • Reyes, S., Nunez Rodriguez N., Brennan S (2023) The Development of Capstone Assignments Using a Faculty Community of Practice Model All Cultivating Capstones (Chapter 12, pages 7579) in the book: Ketcham, C.J. (2023) Cultivating Capstones: Designing HighQuality Culminating Experiences for Student Learning ISBN (pbk): 9781642674170, ISBN (ebook): 9781642674194. The Stylus/CEL Series on Engaged Learning, Sterling, Virginia.
  • Wong Carriera A, MoralesValiente C, Manzanero Puebla A, Núñez Rodríguez N. (2022) Un instrumento psicométrico para los procedimientos de Extensión Universitaria ante la pandemia de COVID19. Estudios del Desarrollo Social: Cuba y América Latina. ISSN 23080132 Vol. 10, No. Especial 2, 2022: 4551.
  • PujolFerran, M., DiSanto, J., NúñezRodríguez, N., & Morales, A. (2019) Plurilingual pedagogies across the college curriculum:  Four case studies.  NYState TESOL Journal, Idiom, 49 (2), 1824.
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  • Nunez Rodriguez N, Brennan S, DiSanto J, Varelas A, Hutchins C (2015) Center for Teaching and Learning on Tour: Sharing, Reflecting on and Documenting Effective Strategies. Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning. 7, 423.

Grants and Fellowships (most recent years only):

  • Nunez Rodriguez N, London A (2023) Animating Science Labs: DigitalMedia Students as cocreators of Science Curriculum. Hostos Research Center (HRC) Committee of Sponsored Programs and Grants (CSPG), ($10,000).
  • Nunez Rodriguez N, Alaniz E (2022) Dissecting the Effectiveness of Online Modality for Teaching Lab Courses Required for NonScience Majors: What works? 2022 IDEAS Project Award Program. Hostos Research Center (HRC) Committee of Sponsored Programs and Grants (CSPG), ($2,000).
  • Reyes S, Nunez Rodriguez N, Brennan S (2022) Purpose and Sustainability: Lessons Learned from the Interrogation of Title V Program Legacy at Hostos beyond the Funding Period. 2022 ADELANTE Project Award Program. Hostos Research Center (HRC) Committee of Sponsored Programs and Grants (CSPG), ($7,000).
  • DiSanto J, Marck G, Ford M, Nunez Rodriguez N, Varelas A (2022) Pilot Program to Support MidCareer Faculty Seeking Promotion. CUNY ($5,000).
  • Nunez Rodriguez N, 20172020 Fulbright Specialist, Fulbright Specialist Program on Chemistry Education, Classroom Management and Assessment.
  • Cox D (coPI), Birshtein B (coPI), Nunez Rodriguez N (subaward, PI), Redenti S (subaward, PI) 20182023 NIH IRACDA Grant: Bronx Einstein Training in Teaching and Research (in collaboration with Lehman College and Albert Einstein Institute). Applicant Organization: Albert Einstein College of Medicine. $3,029,763. Award Number: 2 K12 GM10277907A1.
  • Nunez Rodriguez N, Rodriguez Y (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper – Together We Achieve More IIV ($52,186/year), Black Male Initiative, CUNY.


  • Sancho Cardiel M, Nunez Rodriguez N (2023) Transforming Teaching Practices beyond Disciplines and Modality: A Spotlight on Online Blackboard Redesign. SoTL Commons Conference, Georgia Southern University, Savannah, Georgia
  • DiSanto J, Varelas A, Nunez Rodriguez N (2023) The Value of Interoperable Teaching Practices to Document Post-Pandemic Classroom Realities. SoTL Commons Conference, Georgia Southern University, Savannah, Georgia.
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  • Nunez Rodriguez N (2021) Chemistry for All: Relevance Matters (Plenary Speaker) Middle Atlantic Assoc. of Liberal Arts Chemistry Teachers. 53rd Annual Meeting. Pace University, NY.
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  • Bhansali P, Bernardo T, Nunez Rodriguez N (2018), Seeing the VALUE in Numbers: A Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Study in a Chemistry Course. 5th Drexel University Assessment Conference, Phil, PA.

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Member, Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education, 2019-2020
  • Fulbright Specialist in STEM Education, Fulbright, 2018-2020
  • Member, International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 2014-2017
  • Member, Two-year-Chemistry Education Consortium-Division of Chemical Education-American Chemical Society, 2007-2014
  • Member, American Society for Cell Biology, 2007-2012