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Liberal Arts and Sciences students planning to enter professions in the sciences or in medical related fields should follow the sequence described in the Liberal Arts and Sciences  Associate in Science (A.S.) degree Program Map. This program of study provides students with the foundation in math, science and the first two years of study required to transfer to senior colleges, where they can major or minor in these fields at the senior college level. This program is designed for students planning to pursue careers in such fields as Medicine, Dentistry, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, and Optometry or a career in the biological or physical sciences such as science research.

The program requires a minimum of 60 credits and must include the specified number of credits in the areas indicated in the Pathway Liberal Arts & Sciences A.S.  Students interested in this program of study may contact the Natural Sciences Department [Biology Unit: 718-518-4128 & Physical Science Unit: 718-518-4129] for information regarding credit distribution, options and transfer to senior colleges. The department also provides student with pre-clinical course work to allow the student to move into clinical course work to prepare for a job with an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Damaris-Lois Yamoah Lang
Email Address: