Joint Programs


The Joint Dual Programs seek to assist students in reaching their educational goals by providing high quality academic advisement services, resources and planning tools.  


Our goal is to support joint program students to facilitate timely graduation and a successful transition into a senior college.


Provide accurate information about academic program requirements, policies and procedures.

Help students select appropriate courses for their programs.

Foster adviser-advisee relationships that focus on the educational growth and development of each student.

Identify students’ academic difficulties, implement effective strategies and provide continuing support to resolve concerns.


What's New?

STEM Week Orientation:
Engineering Orientation: February 28th at 12:30pm
Forensic Science Orientation: March 1st at 12:30pm
Computer Science Orientation: March 2nd at 2:00pm
Criminal Justice Orientation: March 3rd at 12:30pm
Liberal Arts & Science Orientation: March 4th at 2:00pm
Food Studies Orientation: March 16th at 9:30am

Other Activities:

CSTEP SolidWorks Workshop: Learn Engineering Design: March 4th

Graduation Workshop: March 23rd at 2:00pm

Panel Discussion with Women in STEM: Wednesday, March 23rd at 6:00pm-7:00pm 

​Conversation with Advanced Science and Engineering Students: April 13th at 2:00pm

CUNY Justice Academy (Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Accounting for Forensic Accounting)
Information Session: March 16th at 2pm

Important dates:

ePermit request for Engineering Students
begins on March 7th through March 18th.  See your academic advisor.  

Fall 2022 Transfer Aplication: Last day to file February 1st.

Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Accounting for Forensic Accounting majors DO NOT NEED to apply for transfer.