Curriculum Office

The Curriculum Office is responsible for ensuring best practices regarding approved revisions to the curriculum. Curricular changes originate at the academic department level in conjunction with Academic Affairs. The Curriculum Office assists the process by reviewing the required forms and providing guidance on compliance and the submission policy. Curricular items are submitted to the College-Wide Curriculum Committee and the Senate for approval. Following campus approvals, the curricular items are reviewed and submitted to the CUNY Academic University Report (formerly the Chancellor’s University Report), the Committee on Academic Program, Policy, and Research (CAPPR) and, when appropriate, the changes are reported to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). The Curriculum Office is the office of record for approved documents from the College-Wide Curriculum Committee, Senate and CUNY Academic Reports for publication in the College Academic Bulletin. The office is also responsible for submitting college-Pathways courses to the CUNY Common Core Course Review Committee (CCCRC) for final Pathways approval. 

Curriculum changes - Process and Proposals
After curricular items including new programs, new courses, program changes, course changes, and withdrawal of courses originate in the academic departments, then reviewed by the College-Wide Curriculum Committee and Senate, the curricular items are forwarded to the Curriculum Office. After a final review by the Curriculum Office, the curricular items are sent for approval and inclusion in the AUR and CAPPR. Subsequently, the curricular items become a change or addition to the College Academic Bulletin and advising resources maintained in various campus-wide offices.

Objectives of the Curriculum Office
  • To support the academic departments in the submission of curricular items to the college governance entities.
  • Coordinate the review of curricular items presented to the College-Wide Curriculum Committee & College-Wide Senate.
  • Submission in the Academic University Report (AUR), Committee on Academic Program Policy and Research (CAPPR) and CUNY Common Core Course Review Committee (CCCRC).
  • To monitor and implement curricular changes as approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees.
  • Appropriate adjustments to informational materials and other resources to update curriculum and academic programs materials.
  • Interpreting and disseminating curricular changes and regulations.
  • Compile data and publish the College Academic Bulletin.
  • To serve as the contact office for academic programs change and its publication in the college’s online platforms.
  • Effective management of curricular programs for degree mapping, course catalog creation and archival data tracking.
  • To ensure up-to-date CUNY-to-CUNY course transfer rules.
  • Process CUNY-to-CUNY course equivalencies to ensure a smooth transfer process for students entering and exiting Hostos.
  • Manage the CUNY-wide Pathways Transfer Appeals Process for Hostos students.