Hostos Developmental Degree Maps

Developmental education classes prepare students for college-level courses.  It is important that students attempt to pass all needed developmental classes as soon as possible.  Successful completion of developmental classes allows students to progress academically.

The links below lead to Degree Maps which include one additional semester to demonstrate that additional time may be required to complete degree programs when students enter with developmental education needs.

Associate in
Arts Degree (A.A.)
Liberal Arts (A.A.) Criminal Justice (A.A.)
Associate in
Science Degree (A.S.)
Associate in
Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)
Accounting (A.S.) Accounting (A.A.S.)
Business Management (A.S.) Aging and Health Studies (A.A.S.)
Chemical Engineering Science (A.S.) Dental Hygiene (A.A.S.)
Civil Engineering Science (A.S.) Digital Design & Animation (A.A.S.)  Digital Design Sequence 
Civil Engineering Science (A.S.)  Environmental Track    Digital Design & Animation (A.A.S.)  Animation Sequence 
Community Health (A.S.) Digital Music (A.A.S.)
Computer Science (A.S.) Early Childhood Education (A.A.S.)  ECE Option
Electrical Engineering Science (A.S.) Early Childhood Education (A.A.S.)  Bilingual Option
Forensic Science (Science for) (A.S.) Game Design (A.A.S.)
Accounting for Forensic Accounting (A.S.) Nursing (A.A.S.)
Food Studies (A.S.)  Food Policy Track Office Technology (A.A.S.) 
Administrative Assistant Option
Food Studies (A.S.)  Social Issues Track Office Technology (A.A.S.) 
Medical Office Manager Option
Food Studies (A.S.)  Health & Nutrition Track Paralegal Studies (A.A.S.)
Food Studies (A.S.)  Environmental Sustainability  Public Policy & Administration (A.A.S.)  PPA Option
Liberal Arts and Sciences (A.S.) Public Policy & Administration (A.A.S.)  Health Care Admin. Option
Mathematics (A.S.) Radiologic Technology (A.A.S.)
Mechanical Engineering Science (A.S.)  
Police Science (A.S.)