Managing Your Project - The Post-Award Stage

The Grants Office at Hostos Community College

Managing Your Project: The Post-Award Stage 

Congratulations on receiving your award! Now that you have received your grant, the Hostos Grants Office will assist in the administration of your project.  Once we receive a copy of your award letter and approved budget, we will set up an account for you to access your funding through the Research Foundation of CUNY ( The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF) is the fiscal agent for all government and private grants and contract awards received by all units of CUNY.

The Grants Office is here to help you with all aspects of managing and administering your award so that you can focus on project implementation.  We offer post- award services which are inclusive of providing assistance on personnel (i.e. salary, wages, hiring processes) and other than personnel services (OTPS) such as hiring an independent contractor and required purchasing procedures.

Most post-award items are submitted electronically via RF’s E-Services system (i.e. timesheets, payment requests). The Grants Office is happy to offer training and technical assistance to anyone with administrative responsibility over a grant in an effort to help them navigate and understand the RF website. Please note that most forms are available online via the RF website. If you need assistance with a specific document, please contact the Grants Office.

Important Tips:

  • The Research Foundation of CUNY is an E-Verify Employer. E-Verify is an online system operated jointly by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). The E-Verify system electronically compares information entered on the I-9 Form with records contained in SSA and DHS databases to help employers verify the identity and employment eligibility of hired employees.
  • A prospective employee should make an appointment with Amanda Howard to complete their new-hire or re-hire paperwork and must bring the required documents with them to the appointment. If you are unsure as to whether your prospective employee is a new or re-hire, please contact the Grants Office.
  • The Grants Office will confirm when paperwork for a new-hire and/or re-hire has been processed. An employee should not begin to work until he/she has been cleared by the RF.
  • RF employees should not approve their own timesheets. Timesheet approval should be done by the employee’s immediate supervisor.