Summer Salary & Faculty/Staff Effort on Sponsored Projects

Summer Salary
As per the Research Foundation of CUNY, the University's fiscal agent for all sponsored awards, employees appointed in tax-levy titles noted below CAN participate in the summer salary program:
  • Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Lecturer (Doctoral Schedule)
  • Instructor
  • Instructor II
  • Einstein Professor
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Distinguished Lecturer
  • Substitute Assistant, Associate or Professor
  • Law School Assistant, Associate or Professor
  • Medical (Basic or Clinical) Assistant, Associate or Professor

The titles listed below ARE NOT eligible to participate in the program:

  • Executive Compensation Plan Series
  • Administrative Designated titles (REM) series
  • HEO series
  • CLT series
  • Adjunct series
  • Non-teaching Adjunct series
Creating Your Summer Salary Appointment
An appointment can only be created by the PI and/or authorized signatory on the grant. Once you have submitted the summer salary appointment(s) for your grant, OGRA's Associate Director will approve the submission or reach out to the PI/program team for additional information. 
Click here for the RF's Summer Salary manual
Click here for instructions on how to create and submit a summer salary appointment
Effort on Sponsored Programs/Projects 
If effort is included in your budget, you must first submit a Staff Effort Notice to process your effort for the academic year or semester. The Staff Effort Notice must be signed by the Grants Office prior to submission to the RF for processing Once the form is approved and processed, you will receive a notification from the RF indicating that you must login to your RF account and submit any open effort certifications. 
If you received summer salary, you will also be required to certify effort for work completed during the summer months on your grant. 
After the fact effort certification must be completed in a timely manner since  it is a federal and RF requirement.  

Effort Reporting FAQ's
Staff Effort Notice (do not use for summer salary)
How to Process Faculty & Staff Effort 

Summer Salary
Summer Salary FAQs
Participating in the Summer Salary Program
Quick Start Guide- Certifying Summer Salary Effort Instructions