Office of Institutional Research and Student Assessment (OIRSA)

Staff Contacts
  • This page contains the contact information (position, phone number, e-mail, etc.) for the staff that work in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.
IR Data Request Form
  • This page contains the request form that faculty and staff should use to submit formal requests for their data/analysis needs.
Important Dates
  • This is a link to a pdf document that contains important due dates and data availability dates. 
Program Review
  • This page contains information about program review and documents neccesary for the completion of your unit or office's program review.
Assessment of Learning Outcomes
  • This page contains information on and printable materials necessary for the assessment of student learning outcomes at Hostos, at the course and program levels, as well as information on the assessmsnt of General Education competencies.
Data and Research
  • This page contains historical data and trend analyses. For data pertaining only to the most recent semester, please visit the Quick Facts page.
Forms to Download
  • This page contains downloadable forms related to data collection/use.