Mass Email Distribution Request

Mass Email Distribution Request Form

*NEW* (effective immediately)


If have trouble claiming and/or accessing your 
CUNY-Hostos account,
please contact IT Helpdesk @ 718-518-6646. 

Effective January 2021, the Office of Academic Affairs is implementing a new policy for sending emails to the mass email distribution lists such as the Hostos Distribution List, Student Distribution List or List of Teaching Faculty, to name a few.

Any member of the campus community who wishes to broadcast an announcement from the Office of Academic Affairs email box, using an OAA banner, must make the request using the Mass Email Distribution Request Form.
Mass Email Distribution Lists include, but are not limited to,
  • Hostos Distribution List (HDL)
  • Higher Education Officers List (HEOL)
  • List of Teaching Faculty (LoTF)
  • Adjunct Faculty List (AL)
  • Student Distribution List (SDL)
About the Form
The form is powered by Microsoft Office 365. All Hostos/CUNY members are entitled to a free account. Members of the campus community can claim an account by going to and signing in using CUNYFirst username and password. Anyone with trouble claiming an account should contact IT helpdesk for assistance (

Why do we have to use the request form?
The form will help requestors submit and document a complete announcement and show how that announcement aligns with the mission of the college. The completed form will help OAA manage and circulate information in a timely and orderly manner. Additionally, OAA can more easily archive, track and be accountable for sharing information regularly with the campus community. 
What is the intention of the request form?
The intention of this form is to improve communication with the campus community.
What should be included on the Word document being used to create the body of the email?
The message in the Word document will be copied and pasted into the body/text of the outgoing email. Any materials that cannot be copied into the body of the email will be excluded from the message. Images cannot be included in the outgoing message.
Where can I find the request form?
The Mass Email Distribution Request Form link is accessible from the Office of Academic Affairs main menu.
How far in advance should I submit the request form? 
 Please submit the request 2 business days in advance of the first date you want the announcement to be circulated.
What platform is used to power the request form?
The form is powered by All CUNY employees are entitled to a free account. The Office of Institutional Technology can provide support to any Hostos users who need assistance with establishing an account.

What happens after logging into
After logging into, the form will prompt the requestor to identify her/himself by name, department, and contact number. Then, ask the user to indicate the following:
  • distribution list/s that should receive the message
  • campus members who should receive a electronic copy of the message
  • subject of the email
  • body/text of the message*
  • attachments to be included**
  • ADA compliance**
  • date/s for distribution***
  • alignment with college mission****
*The body of the message should appear directly in the text box included in the form or on a Word document that you attach to the online form. The body of the email should include all the information that the sender would like to communicate. No photos, logos, symbols are permitted. Zoom information should be included if needed. The requestor’s full name and contact information should be included on the Word document if one choosed to use this format.

**Outgoing messages can be no larger than 500MB. Adding attachments is optional. The submission form can accept Word, PDF, PPP, Excel, and JPEG files. Submissions of additional attachments are limited to three documents. The form provides instructions for requestors with more than three additional attachments. If the total size of the email exceeds 500 MB, the email will not be circulated and OAA will contact the submitor. All attachments must be ADA complaint.

***If more than one date for circulation is requested, all dates should be included and separated by commas. OAA reserves the right to make the final decision about the number of times the same announcement is circulated.
****Answering the Mission Alignment question is optional and gives the requestor an opportunity to show how the activity/event aligns with the college mission and/or mission themes. Multiple themes may be selected.
Why is OAA asking about ways in which the content of the announcement aligns with college mission?
OAA wants to use the request form to help keep track of and document evidence of college information, activities, and events that can be included as evidence for the Middle States accreditation process. This question is optional and if you can think of ways that your event aligns with the college mission and/or mission themes, please check the box/es that apply.

Questions and Concerns or Complaints?
If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the policy, please contact Office of Academic Affairs by sending your contact information and concern to Please allow 2 business days to receive a response.