How to Sign-up - Grow with Google

Follow the steps below to sign up for the HACU/Grow with Google - Career Readiness program

Get started with the Grow with Googlem HSI Career Readiness Program

The Grow with Google HSI Career Readiness Program is intended to help students, like you, develop the digital skills they need to find and secure internships and jobs that will help them build successful careers. Here’s how to get started:

Students should choose one path to begin and work through all the core lessons to provide a complete digital skills curriculum for the selected topic. Students may choose additional paths to complete, depending on their career goals, needs, and available time.

Access the learning paths:
  1. Go to 
  2. Click "Sign in" in the top right 
  3. Sign in with your Google account, or create a new one
  4. Click "I am a student" 
  5. Click "Join a class" and enter class code (each Learning path has a unique code below) 
  • Path 1: Build Your Digital Skills: Students explore a variety of Google digital tools and how they can be used to increase productivity in the workplace and in everyday life.
  • Core lessons: Understand Your Digital Footprint, Communicate Using Email, Avoid Online Scams, Track Your Monthly Expenses, Organize Group Projects in Google Sheets, Evaluate Credibility of Online Sources
  • Class Code: dfw299
  • Path 2: Explore Career Paths: Students research possible career paths to figure out which career might be right for them. Then, they create a career plan and start networking to help them find a job in the field.
  • Core lessons: Research Career Paths, Explore Career Paths in Local Industries, Explore Careers by Interviewing Professionals, Try a Career in Project Management, Explore Data Center Careers, Try a Career in UX Design, Try a Career in Data Analytics
  • Class Code: k75vkd
  • Path 3: Land a Great Job: Students use digital tools to search for a job, write a resume and cover letter, and learn how to stand out in interviews while conveying their personal brand throughout.
  • Core lessons: How to Write a Cover Letter, Create a Resume in Google Docs, Prepare for a Successful Job Interview, Build Your Professional Brand, Build Your Professional Network, Introduction to Update Your Resume for Your Civilian Job Search
  • Class Code: qvr4xw
  • Path 4: Succeed at Your New Job: Students practice running efficient meetings, managing projects, and presenting to organizational stakeholders.
  • Core lessons: Prepare for Your First Day of Work, Communicate Effectively at Work, Plan Effective Meetings, Negotiate Your Salary
  • Class Code: b8pd6q
  • Path 5: Start Your Own Business: Students research business opportunities, write a business plan, and estimate the financing they’ll need to create their own business.
  • Core lessons: Prepare For Your Business Plan, Write a Business Plan, Estimate Financing for Your Business Plan, Build Your Online Business
  • Class Code: 4nh6zv


Share your certificate on social media 
Atfter completing a pathway you will receive a certificate. You may include this on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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