Capstone Faculty Seminar

In Spring 2015, the Title V Capstone Assignment Task Force began the process of transforming 200-level courses by infusing them with capstone projects/assignments. Capstone assignments are transformative, comprehensive learning experiences designed to strengthen student academic performance.

Through these projects/assignments students integrate and apply knowledge gained in their majors, enhance written and oral communication skills and develop critical and analytical thinking skills. Traditionally, capstone courses/assignments include assignments and activities related to: experiential learning, research, presentation, collaboration, or any combination thereof.

Twenty-eight (28) courses over the next five-years will include newly created or refined capstone assignments.  Each year, four faculty members will participate in bi-weekly seminars geared to assist them with the enhancement of existing assignments or creating new assignments. The goal of the seminars is to engage faculty in discussions of pedagogy, learning goals and assessment.