Student Research with Faculty

Thirty students and ten faculty members will engage in research projects every year for the next five years.  The goal of this initiative is for faculty to involve students in research projects as collaborators so that students gain valuable research skills while faculty are able to pursue their own independent research. Students are expected to meet with their faculty mentor on a weekly basis and participate in leadership development sessions on a monthly basis. 

Faculty benefit from three hours of release time and students are paid a stipend for 45 hours of work.  Student research offers opportunities to connect students more fully with the institution and with accessible academic tasks that contribute to their academic and personal growth.

Students and faculty engaged in research participate in seminars to assist them define their research projects, learning outcomes and project goals as well as to review and discuss examples of student-faculty collaborative research projects.

To apply for the Student Research Assistant Position, please click here. 

Faculty interested in participating, please click here.

Please send your application to or drop off at A-127.