OAA Staff

Office of Academic Affairs  

Organizational Chart

Photo of Dr. Charles Drago

Charles I. Drago, DH.Ed R.T (R,CT)
Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Babette Audant, Ph.D.

Babette Audant, Ph.D.

Dean of Academic Affairs & Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Assessment

Photo of Dr. Olen Dias Olen Dias, Ph.D.
Acting Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs


Profile Silhouette

Daliz Perez-Cabezas
Director of Academic Affairs
Primary Responsibilities: Budget, HR Actions, Division Processes, Registration, Perkins


Profile Silhouette Sarah Brennan, M.P.A
Executive Associate to the Provost
Primary Responsibilities: Division communications, Melissa Riggio Program, Succeed@Hostos for Faculty, OAA website and online tools for faculty scholarship and textbooks  

Profile Silhouette Natasha Brewer, B.A.
Office Coordinator
Primary Responsibilities: Student Complaints, Provost's Scheduler, CW P&B Coordinator

Mariela Olivier

Mariela Roman, B.S.
Workload Coordinator


Patrica De la Hoz Peña Patricia De la Hoz Peña, A.A.S., B.S.
Academic Matters Assistant