CUNY Placement Exams

CUNY Placement Exams


There are three CUNY assessment tests that are designed to measure skill levels in reading, writing and math.  Results from the exams are used to determine appropriate course placement.  Students who do not pass one or more of the exams are offered a variety of interventions to develop the skills needed to pass the exams.  Passing scores are required on the placement exams for students to enroll in several required courses.

For general information regarding the CUNY placement exams, The Testing Center offers detailed information along with tips for preparing for the exams and descriptions of the types of available exemptions from testing.
For comprehensive information regarding the exams, follow the links listed below.

Reading Exam

Writing Exam  

Math Exam  


Pre-College Seminar

First-year students are invited to participate in pre-college seminars the summer before they begin at Hostos.  As part of the seminar, students are provided with information regarding the format of the placement exams as well as a review of the skills that will be assessed to help them prepare and perform well.   

Immersion Workshops

OAA Skill Immersion Workshops are offered in January, June, July, and August for students who did not pass one or more of the placement exams. After successful completion of the workshops, students earn new opportunities to retest and pass the exam.  To learn more about the immersion workshops, the Immersion Programs website has detailed information and current updates.

Math Lab and Reading/Writing Lab

The Math Lab and Reading/Writing Lab are computer labs with innovative software designed to assist students with strengthening the skills needed to pass the placement exams.  Immersion lab use is currently integrated into curricula for ESL95 and MAT22 courses and immersion workshops.  Shortly students will be able to use the labs independently and retake the placement exams after logging a set number of hours.  The labs are located in C-596G and C-596F.

Developmental Classes

The College offers multiple semester-long courses that are designed to help students develop the skills needed to pass the placement exams.  Students should meet with their advisor to select the courses that best match their skill level and academic needs.