Resume & Interviewing Skills

The Perfect Hire: How to Impress Employers Using Your Stories

Story2 is a program that teaches individuals how to communicate their stories to others using specific tools and exercises. In this series of workshops, you will discover how to put your best self forward in professional situations. Whether it’s applying for a job, an internship or a scholarship, the way you present yourself and tell your story will influence decisions that can lead to positive outcomes.

Don’t miss out on perfecting your storytelling skills with the 1-hour workshops listed below. You can participate in either one, but we recommend both for a well rounded learning experience that is sure to help you become a better candidate!

  • Resume Writing & Personal Statements: Write a professional resume that makes you shine and learn to write impactful statements to stand out when applying for grants or scholarships.

Tuesday, November 15th @ 1pm
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Wednesday, November 16th @ 1pm
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  • Interview Skills: Impress your interviewer with your professional stories, and learn how to deliver your message in a concise and precise manner.   
Tuesday, November 15th @ 5pm
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Wednesday, November 16th @ 5pm
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