FAQs - Is Hostos Online Right for Me?

How do I know that I am ready for online learning?
Answer these questions or the Hostos student online learning self-assessment.
You can also explore this free online learning simulation.

Are there any pre-requisites?
Online learners should be eligible to take ENG 110 and Math 100.

Are 100% of classes delivered asynchronously?
Yes, all courses will be available asynchronously online.

How many credits should I take in my first semester?
Give yourself some time to adjust to learning in an asynchronous environment. We recommend taking no more than 12 credits in your first term.

Do online instructors host office hours?
Online instructors are required to host office hours for students.
Office hours allow students and instructors to discuss course content, synchronously. Students can ask questions and instructors can explain and clarify course content using Zoom, Google Collaborate, or other interactive technologies.  

Can online students use email exchange to talk to faculty and classmates?
Students and instructors may exchange emails to discuss or clarify course content and course requirements. Students can choose to communicate with classmates using email and other forms of electronic communication. The online learning environment allows students to communicate with faculty and their classmates.

Are textbooks required for online courses?
Textbooks and other supplementary materials may be required for online courses.

How much time do students spend each week on class requirements?
Students spend an average of 4 to 6 hours of study time per course per week.

How are assignments submitted?
All course assignments will be posted in Blackboard. Students will be expected to submit assignments using Blackboard.    

How are examinations administered?
Instructors will administer all examinations using Blackboard.

Am I allowed to take in-person courses if I am enrolled in an online program?
Yes, if you are enrolled in an online program, you can take in-person courses. Please talk to your advisor about in-person options at Hostos.

Can I come to campus to seek support, talk to faculty and participate in on-campus activities if I am enrolled in an online program?
Yes, if you are enrolled in an online program, you are welcome to come to campus for activities, support services, classes, or just meet up with friends or study. You will need an active student ID to enter.