Non-Degree Application

Students who are not pursuing a degree but wish to enroll in courses at Hostos Community College may be admitted as non-degree students. Students must apply directly to the Hostos Admissions and Recruitment Office. Non-degree students do not work toward a degree and are limited to courses on a space-available basis.

To initiate the Non-Degree application process, please email us at

Non-degree students must submit the following:

  1. An Unofficial high school transcript or the general equivalency diploma (GED) with a minimum score of 2250 (formerly 225).

The following are not acceptable:

A high school certificate

An IEP diploma

At-home-study diploma

Correspondence High School diploma

  1. Unofficial Transcript(s) of all prior college course work.

  2. A $65 money order application fee payable to Hostos Community College.

Non-degree students are not entitled to financial aid.

Failure to file the correct application will result in a delay in processing for admission and may possibly incur additional fees and subject students to disciplinary action. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and submit all necessary documentation. Students educated outside the U.S. should refer to CUNY's "Information for International Undergraduate Applicants" for further application instructions.

Need more info about admissions? Call (718) 319-7900 or Send us an e-mail