All Gender Restrooms


Dear Hostos family,
Since its inception, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College has been an anchor of hope, inclusion, educational freedom, and socio-economic support for those underserved and under recognized – individuals not afraid of hard work and sacrifice, but those who require and deserve a chance for personal growth and respect.  As we approach our Golden Anniversary, the same core ideals and beliefs that the College was founded on still proudly exist today.
To address the needs of all members of our community and to ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive experience for all, including transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, the College is implementing new restroom accommodations.  Hostos will provide 9 single-occupancy All-Gender restrooms throughout the campus.
Furthermore, single-sex multi-stall facilities may be accessed by any student, faculty, or staff who identifies with that particular gender identity or expression.  In addition, private, single-occupancy restrooms are available for any individual who seeks added privacy and comfort.  The steps we’re taking not only meet our obligations under the law, but also further our mission here at Hostos, as part of The City University of New York, which is to respect, provide basic courtesy, and exhibit conduct that creates a positive academic and work environment.
An Online Resource Center has been created to share more information and help answer any questions you may have. The Online Resource Center includes:

You may also direct any questions or concerns to the Office of Compliance and Diversity (718-518-4284) or Public Safety Department (718-518-6888).  If you have a safety concern or an emergency; or if someone is not using the facilities for the intended purpose; or if you, at any time, feel threatened on campus, please contact Public Safety.
Thank you for being the generous, respectful and empathetic community that I have admired since I first stepped onto the campus more than 30 years ago.  Let’s continue to build up each other, love our diversity and celebrate our aspirations.  We’re not seen as an educational change agent for nothing.  So, let our example of inclusiveness spread outside these walls and beyond.
David Gómez, Ed.D.