Federal Work-Study (FWS)

The Federal Work- Study (FWS) Program is a need based federally funded program that offer students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience that will enhance their job skills.
In order to participate in the FWS program, students must:
  1. Receive a FWS award as part of their  financial aid package and accept the award;
  2. Be enrolled at least half time (6 units/credits) or have been accepted for such enrollment; and
  3.  Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
FWS employment may be offered to student employees in several ways: on campus, off campus, and/or through Public Service Corp (PSC). Federal guidelines prohibit students from working during scheduled class hours. Work hours must be arranged in a way that it does not conflict with class hours. Typical jobs include clerical work; providing overall assistance to departments such as the Library, Computer Labs, and tutoring.

*To be considered for the Federal Work Study program, students must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and answer “yes” to question 31, “Are you interested in being considered for work study?” This does not guarantee students a Federal Work Study Award. 

Video: Things to know about Federal Work-Study