Next Steps

1. Check if you have an Federal Work Study (FWS) Award. 
Before receiving any information, a student must accept award. 
  • Log on to CUNYfirst
  • Select "Student Center"
  • Under the "Finances" section search for the "Financial Aid" heading and select "Accept/Decline Awards"
  • Select Aid Year "2024" for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
  • On the Award Package page click on the ACCEPT or DECLINE box for Federal Work Study FALL/SPRING
  • Select "Submit" to confirm
  • If you do not have a FWS award proceed to Step 2. 
2. FWS Appeal form (for students who were not granted an award)
3. Wait for notifications of available jobs/positions via e-mail
4. Search for open jobs here 

4. Begin completing forms for students here 
5. Set up Direct deposit to receive paycheck and other financial aid refunds