Leadership HCC

Hostos' Leadership Development Certification Program

What is it All About?
Who is Eligible for Leadership HCC?
How do I Become a Candidate for Leadership HCC?
What are the Program Components?
Who do I Contact with Questions?

What is it All About?

Leadership HCC is a Hostos specific certification program designed to accelerate the development of high-performing HEOs to increase their effectiveness as leaders. This unique intensive training opportunity will prepare participants to drive their teams to excellence while creating a supportive and motivational environment. Participants will emerge with greater skills, confidence and decision making capabilities to benefit their personal leadership path.

Who is Eligible for Leadership HCC?

High-performing HEO series titles :
  • Higher Education Officer (HEO)
  • Higher Education Associate (HEA)
  • Higher Education Assistant (HEa)
At this time, Assistant to HEOs (aHEO) are not eligible for the program.

How Do I Become a Candidate for Leadership HCC?

All applicants must have a nomination form and application form submitted to be considered for Leadership HCC.
Nomination: All applicants must be nominated by a current or former Hostos Supervisor, Director or Vice President in one of two ways:
  1. Direct Nominations: Supervisors, Directors and Vice Presidents may directly nominate an individual by completing this form:  https://goo.gl/forms/oDVEM76pF5. All nominations are due by February 29, 2016.   THE NOMINATION WINDOW FOR 2016 - 2017 IS NOW CLOSED.  
  2. Requesting Nominations: An interested applicant may request a nomination by completing this form: https://goo.gl/forms/H4QL25wTJg including the designation of a current or former Supervisor, Director or VP who has agreed to nominate/recommend him or her. The deadline for completing a Request for Nomination Form is Friday, February 19, 2016. Please note, Leadership HCC will NOT follow up on any Request for Nomination that does not result in a Nomination. The applicant is responsible for all follow-up on the request.  THE REQUEST FOR NOMINATION WINDOW FOR 2016 - 2017 IS NOW CLOSED.

Application: All employees who have been nominated for Leadership HCC will be invited to apply for the program. The application will include the following information:
  • Your performance goals and aim in completing Leadership HCC
  • A problem your department or division is experiencing that you would like to work on during the Advanced Problem Solving part of Leadership HCC
  • An area or issue that needs improvement at Hostos for consideration as part of the Continuous Improvement Project of Leadership HCC
  • A personal statement outlining why you are the ideal candidate for Leadership HCC
Information on the application process will be emailed to you once you have been nominated. Applications will be open from February 22 – March 11, 2016.  THE APPLICATION WINDOW FOR 2016 - 2017 IS NOW CLOSED.  Interested in applying for the Leadership HCC class of 2017 - 2018?  Check back early next year for details.

What are the Program Components?

  • Time Commitment: The program will require a time commitment of 8-9 days of work per participant over a 10 month period from May 2016 through March 2017.
  • Prerequisite: Completion of the JUMP! training course is required prior to enrollment. To register for The Jump!, contact Keisha Pottinger-Moore at kpottinger@hostos.cuny.edu or at (718) 518-6652.
  • Training: Participants will complete the following program components over a 10 month period:
    1. Discover your Leadership Style: Step II Myers Briggs Leadership Development Self Awareness Activity. Individuals will learn how to maximize their leadership effectiveness by understanding their style and how to adapt to employees with differing styles of communication.
    2. Core Leadership Training: Four professional development workshops focusing on the following:
      • Advanced Problem Solving
      • Understanding and Adapting to Multigenerational Differences
      • Defining your Team’s Customer Experience
      • How to Motivate and Hold your Employees Accountable in a Union Environment
    3. Enrichment Training: Two CUNY professional development courses focusing on refining interpersonal relationship skills (conflict resolution, effective communication, emotional intelligence, etc.) and two Lunch & Learns
    4. Making Hostos Better: A team-based Continuous Improvement Project
  • Graduation: After completing all components, participants will graduate in March 2017 earning their Leadership HCC certification.

Who do I Contact with Questions?

For more information, please contact the Leadership HCC Program Lead, Christine Dias at 718-518-6654 or at cdias-singh@hostos.cuny.edu