2023 - 2028 Strategic Planning Process

Hostos Strategic Plan 2023-2028: Purpose & Timeline

Our 2023-2028 strategic planning will be designed to maximize inclusion of broad perspectives and voices.The whole campus will be invited to provide input during spring 2022 and fall 2022 through open forums, so everyone interested in participating can do so, both as the process kicks off and then as the plan begins to take shape.

In addition to having a strategic planning steering committee that will be responsible for guiding the process, leading the campus’ reflection on its mission and efforts to articulate values, and pulling the plan together, we have created spaces for a broad group of diverse stakeholders to serve in official capacities.

Representatives across campus — including faculty, staff, administrators, and external stakeholders — were invited to join six working groups, as well as the strategic planning steering committee. See the membership of the Steering Committee and Working Groups here.

Each working group corresponds to one of Hostos’ six mission themes. Their charge is to suggest goals, strategies, and indicators of success that will deepen Hostos’ impact in each of these thematic areas. Each working group will be led by co-chairs: an administrator selected by the President, and faculty co-chair to be selected by each group. These co-chairs will work with our facilitator, Anna Pond, to design agendas and facilitate data-informed discussion that they then turn into formal recommendations to be submitted to the steering committee in fall 2023. Anna will then work with the steering committee to consider these recommendations as they develop an integrated, college-wide strategic plan. 

This spring, each working group and the steering committee will meet several times, to become oriented to their charges, and embark on initial reflection into data, including what comes out of the spring 2022 open forums.

After a summer break, the process will continue in fall 2022. Working groups will submit their suggestions to the steering committee by late fall/early winter. The steering committee will then pull together a plan framework and draft by early spring, which will be shared with the campus community through a second set of forums in the spring 2023 semester. The plan will be completed as soon as possible afterward, with a first operational plan to rollout in AY 2023-2024. 

Increasing student success has been at the forefront of Hostos’ last two strategic plans and remains our true North. And inclusive engagement remains a defining value. Throughout the process, updates will be provided via El Semanario Hostosiano/The Hostos Weekly, as well as this webpage.