College Membership

Dr. Daisy Cocco De Filippis, President
Dr. Babette Audant, Assistant Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Professor Julie Bencosme, Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences
Dean Olen Dias, Assistant Dean, OAA/Mathematics Department
Dr. Charles I. Drago , Acting Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Professor Eunice Flemister, Lecturer and Gerontology Coordinator, Education Department
Dean Ana I. García Reyes, Associate Dean for Community Relations
Ms. Catherine Hilyard, Counselor, College Discovery
Ms. Diana Kreymer, Assistantto the President/Director of President's Office
Professor Gregory Marks, Associate Professor, English Department
Ms. Idelsa Méndez, Development Coordinator, Office of Institutional Advancement
Dean Peter Mertens, Interim Dean of Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Ms. Mercedes Moscat, Director, Transfer Services
Ms. Eileen Newman, Program Director, CEWD
Professor Tram Nguyen, Assistant Professor, English Department
Dr. Eric Radezky, Director of Governmental & External Affairs
Professor Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Professor, Humanities Department
Mr. Carlos Rivera, Director, Admissions and Recruitment
Ms. Soldanela Rivera López, Director of Communications
Ms. Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne, Senior VP for Administration and Finance and Interim VP of SDEM
Professor Hector Soto, Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Social Science

Community Membership

Thus far, we have received confirmation from 69 community leaders divided by sectors as follows:
  • Arts & Culture - 11
  • Community Organizations - 20
  • Education - 14
  • Finance/Business - 12
  • Healthcare - 9
  • Real Estate - 2
  • STEM - 1