Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D., President
Yoel Rodríguez, Professor, Natural Sciences Department
  • Babette Audants, Dean of Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness, Strategic Planning & Assessment (recommended by the OIERA)
  • Thomas Beachdel, Professor, Humanities Department (recommended by the Chair of the College-wide Senate)
  • Charles I. Drago, Acting Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Andrea Fabrizio, Professor, English Department (recommended by the College-wide P&B)
  • Evelyn Fernandez-Ketcham, CEWD
  • Johanna Gómez, Dean of Students
  • Diana Kreymer, Executive Chief of Staff
  • Idelsa Mendez, Development Manager, OIA
  • Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance and Interim Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management
  • Kelba Sosa, Director of Grants and Research Administration
  • Antonios Varelas, Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences