Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

This section contains information and materials on the assessment of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and General Education levels.

Program Outcomes: Curriculum Maps by Program/Department

Allied Health
1. Nursing
2. Dental Hygiene
3. Radiologic Technology Assessment Plan 2014-2015

Behavioral and Social Sciences
1. Behavioral Sciences
2. Criminal Justice
3. Public Administration

1. Accounting
2. Business Management
3. Office Technology

Dual Degree Programs
1. Engineering (with City College)
2. Criminal Justice (with John Jay College)
3. Science for Forensic Science

1. Community Health
2. Aging Studies/Gerontology
3. Physical Education
4. Teacher Education


1. Digital Design
2. Digital Music
3. Game Design
5. Latin and Caribbean Studies Unit
6. Modern Languages Unit
7. Visual and Performing Arts Unit

Language and Cognition



Natural Sciences

Common Assignments

Materials for Download

Course-level Assessment:
Program-level Assessment:
General Education Assessment: