Media Guidelines

The Office of Communications is available to respond and coordinate news media requests and interactions and should be informed at all times of any and all media and public affairs matters concerning the College and The City University of New York.

Media Requests for Photographs, Broadcast Materials and College Information

To arrange an interview with Hostos faculty, staff and students; to broadcast from the College; to photograph College interiors; to gather broadcast materials at College facilities; to obtain approval to cover any event at the College; and to gain permission for non-news photography and videotaping for business or non-business related purposes, please contact the Office of Communications in advance.

Photographs and video footage may be taken on the Hostos campus in consultation with the Office of Communications. To take photographs, shoot video footage and/or conduct any interviews inside Hostos facilities, reporters, news photographers and camera crews must be accompanied by an Office of Communications staff or a Public Safety designee.

Advertising and Publicity

Campus posting of internal advertising of student-sponsored events or general College events must be approved by the Student Activities Office. 

External advertising by all users, whether by direct mail or through publicity outlets, must be coordinated with the Office of Communications. The latter includes but is not limited to social media accounts, digital marketing, press releases, television and radio advertisements, newspaper and other print advertisements, posters, flyers, and handbills. Also a request for proposals for advertisement campaigns and bids must be coordinated with the Office of Communications. 

BOT: Policy 8.03 College Advertising Policy:
All future informational, promotional and advertising materials related to events, programs and activities conducted or sponsored by the colleges shall clearly identify the colleges as units and/or as part of The City University of New York.

Branding Guidelines

A brand identity standards manual is available to all at Hostos Community College to ensure a unified College brand. The brand identity standards manual provides detailed instructions concerning the reproduction and proper use of the latest Hostos Community College graphic marks and logos. It outlines mandatory usage of the College identity like logos and marks, colors, typography, and other essential design elements.

The Brand Identity Standards for Hostos Community College and CUNY set Policy, Applications and Guidelines to ensure a one-brand-approach for maximizing brand value and awareness and its importance in the present digital and brand conscious market. Brand guidelines for Hostos Community College and CUNY are available here: