Campus Bicycle Policy

Hostos Community College on Campus Bicycle Policy

Hostos Community College encourages the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transportation supporting the University’s goals for a more sustainable campus and environment. The following establishes responsibilities and procedures to ensure the safety of both bicycle riders and pedestrians, the proper and permitted securing of bicycles on campus, the use of available bicycle racks, and procedures for requesting approval from the Public Safety Department to secure your bicycle on campus space.

If you are a college employee who rides a bicycle to work, you are welcome to secure it to one of the available bicycle racks behind the “C” Building parking lot (located behind the 450 Grand Concourse building). Faculty and staff who have their own offices are permitted to secure foot pedal bicycles in their offices during working hours as long as the bicycle does not pose a fire or tripping hazard. Any employee who wishes to secure their bicycle inside a building must send an e-mail to for approval.  Please include in the email your name, building address, and room number where the bicycle will be kept. This information will be kept by Public Safety to facilitate the employee’s access when entering the campus.

Bicycles are prohibited from being chained or left unattended in any open, common area inside any building, scaffolding, perimeter gates\fencing; or in any academic or administrative workspace or area that is not exclusively assigned to the employee.

Riding Bicycles inside campus buildings is prohibited.  Bicycles must be carried up stairwells and\or in a building freight elevator.  If there is no freight elevator in the building, the bicyclist may attempt to use an elevator that is not crowded.

The College is not responsible for any loss of or damage to bicycles or accessories while stored on campus or any of the available bicycles racks.

Electric Bikes and\or Scooters are not allowed to be stored on campus due to fire hazard risks associated with batteries that electric bicycles are equipped with. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on this matter or any other public safety matter, please call 718-518-6888 and ask to speak to a Public Safety supervisor or specialist.