1. Which student (ARC) services are available for online? ​Most ARC services will be provided remotely (virtually). We will continue to provide virtual appointments for all services including intakes, LEADS, assistive technology. To be able to communicate in real time we will be utilizing Microsoft Teams.

2.Can I still schedule an appointment to speak to an ARC advisor?
Yes, appointments for ARC advisors can be scheduled via email or phone. We have included the link to our directory which included staff contact information.

3. How do I register for services?
To register for ARC services please contact our front desk reception via email at or gives us a call at 718-518-4454

4. Do my accommodations change during distance learning?
Implemented accommodations can still be utilized during distance learning however, some accommodations may not be delivered in the same way in a remote setting, and it will be important to contact your faculty to get guidance from them about how things will work for a given course. Please reach out to your assigned ARC specialist to discuss specific accommodations. If you do not know who your ARC specialist is, please contact the front desk at or 718-518-4454

5. How do I schedule an exam?
To schedule an exam please contact our front desk reception via email at or gives us a call at 718-518-4454

6. What if I cannot get in contact with my professor?
ARC can help you with the process of contacting your professor, please reach out to your ARC specialist or front desk for assistance

7. How do I gain access to assistive technology if I cannot travel to campus?
AT services are available remotely, please contact your ARC specialist who will be able to connect you with AT specialist who can further assist with assistive technology services

8. I previously took out a device on loan (Ex: Smartpen, Ipad, recorder etc.) when do I return the device?
If you have any device that was given to you on loan, you will receive an email towards the end of the semester about your original due date. Please keep the devices in your possession until further instructed by ARC. You will NOT be penalized.