Immunization Submission Information

Immunizations Requirements

All Hostos Community College students must comply with New York State Public Health Law requirements regarding immunizations.  Students taking six credits (or its equivalent) or more regardless of degree or non-degree status are required to submit proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. Also, all students must complete the on-line Meningitis Acknowledgement Form.  In addition, if a student has immunization documentation in her maiden name and is admitting to the college under her married name, she must present the marriage certificate along with her immunization documentation.  For more information on Immunization requirements click the link: Immunizations Requirements

United States Immunization Records

There are several different types of immunization documents that students immunized in the United States could have.  There are yellow cards, handwritten charts, Department of Health printouts, Citywide Immunizations Registry printouts, and various different printouts utilized by individual medical facilities. All are acceptable, as long as they are official documents which contain immunization dates. Yellow cards require dates and signatures.   Some people have immunization information on more than one document.  If this is the case, all of these documents need to be presented because they may contain different parts of the required vaccinations. To see samples of a few different U.S. immunization documents click the link: Sample Immunizations Records - U.S.
International Immunization Records

There are several different types of immunization documents that international students can have. There are booklets, typed letters from physicians, printouts from the U.S. Department of State, and printouts from individual medical facilities.  All are acceptable, as long as they are official documents which contain immunization dates, the appropriate signatures and stamps. If the document is in a language other than English, it is the responsibility of the student to have the document translated (by the physician or a professional translation service) if Health and Wellness Center staff are unable to translate the document. To see samples of a few different international immunization documents click the link: Sample Immunization Records - International

Immunizations Record Form and On-line Meningitis Acknowledgement Form
If you do not have immunization documents then you must complete and upload this form via CUNY First.  It is for students who have no record and need to get the information from their physician.  The form is also for students who have no documentation and no way of getting information regarding their vaccination record, but know that they received the required vaccinations.
Part 1 of the Immunization Record Form is personal information. EMPL ID# refers to your CUNY/Hostos student Identification number, you may not know this number yet.
Part 2 is for the physician to complete.  He/she will complete the form providing MMR immunization dates.  Students with no MMR dates will get a titer (blood) test from their physician and have him/her complete that section of the form, as well as attach copies of the lab results. Please click the link for the Immunization Record Form: Immunizations Record Form
The Department of Health requires that a record of student meningitis vaccine status be kept.  Therefore, every student must declare his/her meningitis vaccination status using the on-line Meningitis Acknowledgement Form.

Part 3 of the Immunization Record Form gives a brief explanation of how to access the on-line Meningitis Acknowledgement Form.
Please be aware that the meningitis vaccine is not required.  However, if the student has received the meningitis vaccine within the past 5 years, he/she will indicate so by selecting the second box on the on-line Meningitis Acknowledgement Form. Students who select this box must provide proof of this vaccination via their immunization documents which will be uploaded via CUNY First. The document must be stamped with the stamp of the medical facility or issuing physician.
Students who have not received the meningitis vaccine must select the first box declaring that they do not have the vaccine, understand the risks, and will not be getting the vaccine. Please see the Meningitis Facts Sheet link for more on the risks:  Meningitis Fact Sheet
For more detailed instructions on accessing and completing the on-line Meningitis Acknowledgement Form please click the link:
Instructions for completing the Meningitis Acknowledgement

For information on uploading the Immunization Record form, lab results, and other acceptable immunization documentation please see the links below:

For instruction on uploading documents via CUNY First click here

Free Department of Health Vaccinations

The Fort Greene Health Center (Department of Health) offers free vaccinations to college (post-secondary) students on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday.  Please see the link for more information: Free Department of Health Vaccinations

For more information please call the Health Services Office at (718) 518-6542, the Wellness Office at (718) 518—4483, or email