Administrative Appeals

What is an Administrative Appeal?
Administrative Appeals are available for students who were unable to finish the semester due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control.


Administrative Appeals must be filed within 2 years from the last day of the semester that the situation occurred. For example, if the situation occurred during spring 2021 semester the last day to submit an Administrative Appeal would be May 15th 2023 which is two years from the last day of the spring 2021 semester.
Please allow up to 30 business days to receive a response from the Administrative Appeals Office. If you have any questions, please call 718-319-7924 or email at
Administrative Appeals can be filed in relation to the following situations:
  • College Error - College personnel or technology did not follow established policy/procedures, which negatively affected the student's choices or outcome.
  • Emergency Situation - An emergency life situation beyond the student's control prevented the student from successfully completing courses.
  • Unexpected Event - An unexpected event or information prevented the student from taking appropriate action before a deadline.
  • Understandable Misinformation - For an understandable reason, the student did not know about or misinterpreted a college policy or procedure and, as a result, took an action that resulted in a negative consequence.
To submit an appeal student should complete the inquiry form and upload documented evidence that supports the request. Documentation must be provided by the student. Depending on the situation, this may include medical reports or letters from a doctor in the case of a health problem, orders from a superior officer in the case of a military service, or an obituary notice or death certificate in the case of a death in the family, copies of emails, bills pending.
Appeals requested for medical or mental health reasons must include information obtained from a healthcare professional. This information must be submitted on the provider's letterhead along with this form, and must include the following:
  • Healthcare professional's Name
  • Contact Information
  • Signature
  • Date of onset and duration of illness
  • Problem/Issue/Diagnosis
  • Date the student was/will be capable of resuming academic studies

Submit an Administrative Appeal Form

Review procedure

After review of the appeal, the decision will be communicated to the student in writing within 30-60 business days of the date the appeal was submitted.

For more information on Administrative Appeals contact:
Kadeem Reid
120 East 149th Street, D-101
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 319-7924