Advisement & Enrollment

Each semester, SSCU wants you to meet with your Success Coach for course advisement and enrollment into the next semester. This will allow you to progress academically and earn your credits towards graduation. Meet with your Success Coach at the start of your current semester to plan out now and future semester courses. It’s never too early to plan ahead!


Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Schedule your appointment:
Students must schedule their appointments through Succeed@Hostos in order to meet with their Success Coach. When you utilize Succeed@Hostos, you get access to your Success Coach’s availability for the entire semester. Through Succeed@Hostos you can schedule:
  • Phone appointment
  • Email appointment
  • In Person appointment
  • Video Conference appointments (mainly through Zoom)

Log in today! Use your Hostos username and password.

How to Schedule an Appointment using Succeed@Hostos

  1. Advisement:
Talk to your Success Coach to receive general advisement and course recommendations for the upcoming semester. Your Success Coach is here to support you on your academic journey through college but also your personal one. SSCU is now using Degree Plans (through CUNYfirst) to list our course recommendations. You can access your degree plans 24/7, even if the College is closed! Also, make sure your Success Coach knows what is going on with you so they can be the best support to you.
  1. Enrollment:

Using Degree Plans you can launch Schedule Builder in your CUNYfirst account in order to enroll into courses. Schedule Builder creates a variety of schedule options with all the courses your Success Coach listed for you. Enrollment made easy!

CUNY Schedule Builder - Using DegreeWorks Plan

Not sure when to talk to your Success Coach? Look at this quick chart as a guide:

Course Advisement & Registration Timeframe
Fall Semester Spring Semester
March through July October through December
Winter Session Summer Session
December May

But remember, your Success Coach is available to you throughout the year!