OVP Staff Directory

Office of the Vice President,
Student Development and Enrollment Management

Staff Title Office Number    
Vacant Vice President 718-518-4264
Leslie King  Interim Associate Dean of Student Development 718-518-4182
Johanna Gomez   Assistant Dean of Students 718-518-6556
Lillian Morales Executive Associate to the Vice President 718-518-4345
Clifton Pierce Administrative Assistant 718-518-4264
Elbagina Bonilla Strategic Planning and Assessment Specialist 718-518-4272
Eliana Cabral Data and Retention Specialist 718-664-2611
Emily Tenzer-Santoro  Communication and Publications Specialist 718-518-4397
Marsha Milan-Bethel Student Services Specialist 718-664-2765
Zussy Lopez CRM Communications Coordinator 718-664-2758
Ana Robles-Jimenez Administrative Appeals Coordinator 718-319-7424
Vacant Scholarships 718-518-4166
Enrollment Services   718-518-4385
Student Services    718-518-4319