Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Federal regulations require that schools monitor the academic progress of each applicant for federal financial aid and that the school certify that the student is making satisfactory academic progress toward earning their degree. This determination of progress must be made at least once a year, typically at the end of the spring semester--after spring grades are released. For students who are already on financial aid probation, SAP is reviewed at the end of each term.

There are three components to the College's federal satisfactory academic progress standard:

  1. Minimum GPA:
    A student must achieve at least the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required to meet the college’s retention standard.  CUNY Board of Trustee policy for good academic standing requires that students maintain a cumulative GPA based on the number of credits/units attempted as follows:
    Attempted Credits/Units Minimum GPA
    0.5 - 12 1.50
    13 - 24 1.75
    25 - Upward 2.00

  2. Maximum Time Frame:
    A student may not attempt more than 150% of the credits/units normally required for completion of the degree. For example: if the credits/units needed to complete the degree is 60, a student may attempt no more than 90 credits/units.

  3. Pace of Progression:
    A student must successfully complete a certain percentage of the total number of credits/units based upon the number of attempted credits/unitsFor associate degrees programs, accumulated (earned) credits/units must be equal to or greater than a certain percentage of the total credits/units attempted according to the following table:
    Credits Attempted 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78 84 90
    Credits Earned 0 2 4 6 13 19 23 27 33 39 44 49 55 61

All courses that appear on the student’s academic record (whether earned at the current institution or transferred from a previous institution) will count towards the pace of progression and maximum time-frame requirement, even if the student received no federal financial aid for those courses.

All  students (whether aid recipients or not) will be measured against each of the three progress components at the end of every spring term to determine eligibility to receive federal student aid in the upcoming award year.