Student Grievance Process


All students are expected to act professionally at all times, respecting each other, staff, faculty and the campus. Students are given the responsibility to make sure that they comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the school in order to maintain a safe, clean, and respectful academic community here at Hostos Community College. Should a student feel that his/her learning environment has been compromised by another student, he/she has the right to file a Student Complaint with the Office of Student Life, located in D-101. The grievance process against another student is as follows:

  1. Fill out a Student Grievance Form 
    1. This form will detail the grievance as well as all parties involved, including the student(s) the grievance is against as well as any witness to the grievance, if any.
    2. This form gives the student the chance to write out his/her account of the grievance. We ask that students be as detailed as possible in their description of the grievance. However, a staff member from the Office of Student Life will interview the student to make sure all details are accounted for.
  2. Once the student has filed the complaint and have spoken to the appropriate staff member (Student Life Specialist or designee) in the Office of Student Life, the Student Life Specialist will initiate the fact-finding process, contacting the other student(s) involved in the grievance including any witnesses, if any.
    1. These students will be asked to meet with the Student Life Specialist to be interviewed in the Office of Student Life regarding the grievance.
    2. These students will fill out a Statement Form detailing his/her account of the grievance.
  3. When all fact-finding has concluded, the Student Life Specialist will evaluate the grievance, and make the decision on whether the grievance can be closed or further investigation is needed.
    1. When a grievance is closed, the Student Life Specialist will notify all students involved by mail.
    2. If a grievance needs further investigation, the grievance may be referred to the Dean of Student Life for further assessment.