CUNY Exams (CATs)

Entering Freshmen

Results of CUNY and Hostos assessment tests are used to determine placement into the appropriate level of classes in reading, writing, English as a Second Language (ESL), mathematics, Spanish, or foreign language.

Students who are placed in remedial or developmental courses will have an opportunity to retake the CUNY assessment test(s) after successfully completing those courses. Students should consult with an academic advisor or counselor to ensure that they meet the progress requirements of specific majors.

Transfer Students

Students who are transferring from a college outside of CUNY may need to take some or all of the placement tests.

Students transferring from another CUNY college must have their skills test results transmitted to the Testing Center through the University’s UAPC system. CUNY regulations prohibit the acceptance of assessment test scores in the form of paper transcripts or similar records. Students whose testing records are incomplete in the UAPC system must contact the CUNY college from which they are transferring to have their test records updated in UAPC. To avoid delays, this should be done well in advance of registration. Transfer students from other CUNY colleges should also be aware that passing a remedial or developmental course in another college is not the same as passing the associated CUNY assessment tests.

Students who are re-admitting to CUNY after a period of non-enrollment may retake their CUNY assessment tests, if those tests not passed were taken at least three years prior to the term of re-admission. Placements will be updated based on the most current test scores provided.

Students transferring from colleges outside of CUNY must take the reading, writing, and mathematics skills assessment tests, unless they have an exemption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hostos Community College is committed to ensuring access to CUNY exams by providing appropriate accommodation for test takers with documented disabilities. We strive to make accommodation decisions consistent with our legal obligations. Please be advised that accommodation request must be made in a timely fashion by contacting the Accessibility Resource Center at (718) 518-4454 or by dropping by our Center. We are located in the "D" building, Room 101L. Exams must be scheduled with the Accessibility Resource Center at least one week in advance in order to guarantee that your accommodation needs will be met.