Retesting Policies

Generally, students must receive at least 20 hours of instruction between retests. They may not be retested more than two times during a semester. Specific rules apply for workshops and summer and winter immersion.

Open/Close section Courses

Students in appropriate developmental or remedial classes in reading, writing and/or mathematics retake those tests during a predetermined time at the end of the semester, generally the last 2 weeks of the semester.

Students taking these tests at the end of the semester register for their testing session(s) on line. Students must use their Hostos log-in ID in order to register for their testing sessions. While complete instructions on the procedures to do this are provided in the class, student are strongly advised to make sure they know and use their Hostos log-in ID during the semester.

Open/Close section Workshops and Enrichment Programs

In addition to courses, students may participate in workshops. These workshops provide a minimum of 20 hours of instruction. At the conclusion of the workshop, students are retested. Workshops are given by various academic departments and student support services at the college, including the Academic Learning Center and Adult and Continuing Education. Most workshops are offered during Intersession (in January) or in the Summer Term (in June, July, and August). Announcements of these workshops are typically found on line at the Hostos website, as well as in posters and flyers available around the campus.

Open/Close section Former Hostos Students (Readmits)

Former students reterning to Hostos after a three (3) year period can retest without an intervention for any of the exam they have not passed. Hostos graduates, who may require a skills test for transfer to a CUNY senior college, may return to Hostos to take the needed test. However, these students must take a workshop and receive a minimum of 20 hours of remedial instruction before they can take the test.

Open/Close section CUNY Start and MATH Start

Provide intensive preparation in academic preparation and college success advisement for students who do not pass one or all of the CUNY Assessment Tests. The goal of these programs is to offer students a low cost way to prepare for college-level coursework and reduce or eliminate any remedial needs prior to starting credit-bearing courses without using financial aid.