Don’t Miss Your Caiman Clues —
Your Hostos Helping Hand to Success

Welcome to the Spring 2020 semester! Classes will start soon and here are some clues to help you along the way. If you are new to campus or coming back from winter break, we want you to feel at home as part of Hostos Community College. You may feel a bit nervous but just remember you are not alone. We encourage you to talk to your instructors, fellow students, your advisor or success coach, and don’t let a question go unanswered. Everyone, from the senior who is about to graduate to the incoming students who are new to campus, can have trouble finding their way. But, Hostos has your back. Every week, the College will send out “Caiman Clues” — important tips and deadline reminders about everything from financial aid to advisement.
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Caiman Clues | Week 1

Read your Syllabus- All the important information about your class is found in the syllabus your professor(s) will provide. Read it, Highlight it, and Keep it handy. Record important dates and make your plans. Check out this link on how to use the syllabus

Know Your Professor - Get to know faculty names and office hours. Professors are here to help you succeed in your career. 

February 2nd- the college is closed and it is the last day to add/change a course with a fee.

Welcome Day - Enjoy Welcome Day on the Bridge on February 6th. 

Don’t forget to check back in for next week’s Caiman Clues.
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Check your Schedule- Take a look at your schedule on CUNYFirst (were there any cancellations?) and map out where you are going ahead of time.

Bookstore- Log in to Akademos (online campus bookstore) to order your textbooks. Your faculty have already listed on CUNYFirst what you will need.

Financial Aid- Confirm your financial aid funds to cover your tuition bill. Did you apply for BOTH TAP and PELL? If not, you may be leaving some money behind. Check now!

Hostos ID- Make sure you have a valid Hostos ID (get it in the basement of the B building / B-C428). This will allow you access to campus and you’ll avoid long lines at entrances.

Are you taking an online course?- Be sure to take the Are You Ready? Online Readiness Course to learn how to be an online student and succeed in your course.